2021 Top-Rated Nail Polish Brands!

    Today, we’ll introduce you to the most popular nail polish brands that many girls and women use in nail salons. A woman’s nails are parts of her body that contribute to her exceptional beauty. Nail polish is…
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    The Most Affordable Foundations From Maybelline

    Foundation is one of the basics of cosmetics that, by covering skin problems, helps consolidate the skin and its beauty, so care must be taken in choosing it. Maybelline brand is a subsidiary of the well-known French…
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    8 Arabs’ Favorite Beauty Brands: A look at the world of cosmetics!

    When it comes to makeup, the quality of cosmetics comes first. So many essential differences in makeup and health can occur. The topic that we will explore in this article from Zomorod Beauty, Makeup and Health magazine…

    The story of Oman’s National Day and great progress

    Oman’s National Day is November 18th. This date celebrated independence from Portugal’s control in 1650. This holiday is the start of a two-day break, as November 19th is also a public holiday to mark the birthday of…
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    choosing a fragrance according to personality or mood: Tips for selecting the key to your attractiveness!

    A fragrance can be chosen according to many different criteria: according to the seasons, age, personality, or sometimes mood. It is also possible to choose the fragrance according to your style. According to a classification resulting from…
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    Bio balance, back to nature

    Bio balance is one of the most extensive skin and hair care and cosmetics companies that have developed and marketed natural skincare products inspired by the care methods used in the old days. These care and beauty…

    Black Friday purchasing list! The eight Best BB Cream for All Skin Types

    Of course, nothing can replace foundation, but sometimes you don’t like to put on a lot of makeup or don’t have time for it, and you prefer to have lighter coverage on your skin, and that’s precisely…
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    Braun: A Unique Design for Every Great Day! Since 1921!

    People all over the world turn to them because Braun products make life better and easier. They trust this brand and it is paramount: whether they want a great beard for a group photo or a first…
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