Neuderm Highly Protective Sunscreen Cream

Neuderm, Sunspots, Dark spot, Cream, Unisex, Male, Bisabolol, Any Occasion, Dermatologist Tested
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Buy Neuderm Highly Protective Sunscreen Cream

It is necessary to apply sunscreen to the skin on sunny days. Not using sunscreen can lead to skin redness and an increased risk of cancer Neuderm Highly Protective Sunscreen Cream protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This sunscreen with UVA and UVB filters reduces damage caused by the sun's rays and prevents severe skin damage such as skin cancer. This cream has two types without color and beige.

Sebumen is a hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and physiological complex that protects and protects oily skin by strengthening the skin's antioxidant stores. One of the active ingredients of this product is Alpha Bisabolol. Alpha Bisabolol has an anti-inflammatory effect while adapting to the skin, increasing the effect of the sunscreen.

It also has a healing effect on skin inflamed by radiation. This cream does not contain parabens. Parabens are a group of chemical products that inhibit the growth of bacteria and extend the life of products, but are harmful to the skin and body. Therefore, this product will not be allergenic. This cream is suitable for people with oily skin and open pores. Buying and using this cream will protect your skin from the bad effects of the sun's rays.

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Neuderm Highly Protective Sunscreen Cream benefits

  • With high protection power + SPF50.
  • Oil-free with quick and easy application.
  • Available in a dark beige colour.
  • Prevents premature aging, dark spots and skin cancer.
  • Improves the condition of oily skin and strengthens its antioxidant reserves (sibumin).
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties (alpha-bisabolol).
  • Suitable base for makeup.
  • Paraben free.

How to use Neuderm Highly Protective Sunscreen Cream

20 minutes before sun exposure, massage 2.5 sticks of Neuderm Highly Protective Sunscreen Cream  onto the face until absorbed by the skin while replenishing this sunscreen onto your face every two hours. Use sunscreen on all exposed areas of the body, and sunglasses for the eyes are preferred on sunny days.

About Neuderm  brand

Neuderm started its business in 2014 with the motto of feeling confident in one drop with the aim of offering specialized skin and hair care products. This brand was introduced to the consumer markets through the approach of using the latest specialized formulations, sourcing the best raw materials from the most famous international companies, as well as beautiful design and packaging.

Neuderm has valid certificates from the relevant authorities. The products of this brand are produced in the most modern production and research complex of cosmetic products in the Middle East.

These products are prescribed by many dermatologists. Neuderm has obtained the ISO 22716 certificate from the German company DQS.Dermatologists and doctors approved the products of this brand.

Neuderm Highly Protective Sunscreen Cream Ingredients

  • Aqua water
  • alpha bisabolol
  • glycerine
  • Sebomine
  • Dark spot
  • Sunspots
  • Cream
  • Male
  • Unisex
  • Bisabolol
  • Any Occasion
  • Dermatologist Tested
Skin type:
  • Dry

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