EXEL Skin Renewal Program· Peeling Effect 12%

Exel, Vegetable DNA
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EXEL Skin Renewal Program· Peeling Effect 12%
Product Reviews
very good
almaani 28 Sep 2021, 15:42
جيد جدا
نواف 15 Jul 2021, 12:39

Buy EXEL Skin Renewal Program· Peeling Effect 12%

The reason for this treatment is to incite an even and securely controlled miniature peeling of the skin. It contains killed leafy foods corrosive in gel which bit by bit delivers the actives to the skin, keeping an insignificant focus with less danger of results. The miniature shedding animates reestablishment of the epidermis and assists with improving the skin conditions, leaving the skin restored. This remarkable framework invigorates sub dermal exercises that "restore" the counter maturing systems of the skin. The Renewal Program will leave your skin feeling smooth and crisp, advancing new skin and collagen development. To buy this product online, register your request at zomorod online shopping.

Benefits of EXEL Facial Skin Renewal Program Peeling Effect

The most important benefits following:

  • Triggers skin cell restoration
  • Streamlines fine lines and wrinkles
  • Explains and lights up
  • Controls overabundance oil in skin
  • Homogenizes hyper-pigmentation

How To Use/ Instruction For Use

  • After skin cleanliness, shake the jug and pour 10 cc of Active Gel into the holder. 
  •  Apply on the face, neck and neck area shaping a homogeneous film. 
  •  Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, contingent upon the affectability of the skin.
  •  Eliminate with wipes or a lot of water.
  •  Spot the killing veil, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and eliminate with water.

About EXEL Brand

Take part in a world where nature and technology often collide. Biocosmética EXEL challenges the design of the most advanced skin care products using the latest biotechnology and natural active ingredients along with respect for the environment and providing the best solutions for skin health and beauty. Acknowledging that environmental protection means preserving its future, Exel Research and Development produces formulas that combine natural elements and biotechnology with ideal concentrations to ensure excellence with environmental distinction. EXEL Manufacturing Center is located near Pampas, Mesopotamia and Patagonia, Argentina. The regions that are considered the most fertile and cleanest areas in the world. This allows Exel to use natural resources with extraordinary characteristics to produce high-quality raw materials that the lab will subsequently use in all its products sold around the world. Exel products are manufactured, packaged and inspected according to GMP regulations, ensuring their physical, chemical and microbiological test results, quality control is obtained equivalent to pharmaceutical industry standards with some OTC qualified products Pharmaceutical Products.

EXEL Skin Renewal Program Ingredients

Among the most important ingredients are following:

  • Active gel: Glycolic, Mandelic, Lactic, Citric and Salicylic acid
  • Buffer Mask: Alfa Bisabolol and Niacinamide liposomes, Vegetable DNA.
  • Vegetable DNA
Skin type:
  • All Skin Types
very good
almaani 28 Sep 2021, 15:42
جيد جدا
نواف 15 Jul 2021, 12:39