​ Latafa Poppy & Cypress Soap 100.g

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​ Latafa Poppy & Cypress Soap 100.g

Latafa Poppy & Cypress Soap 100.g

Product Description:

Based on extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil to make skin soft and bright and essential oils from lemon and cypress with cleansing and skin-brightening properties. It contains poppy seeds with a natural peeling effect to help skin renewal.

Fall under the magic spell of Poppy. But, unlike a certain girl wearing ruby slippers, you won’t fall asleep. Instead, let the poppy seeds gently exfoliate your skin, while fair trade organic cocoa butter and extra virgin coconut oil work together to leave skin feeling silky smooth. Take a moment to breathe in the sweet blend of bergamot and blackcurrant that’ll stay with you long after you’ve left the shower.

Poppy & Cypress are from  those plants oils which hardly receives the praise and attention it deserves.


Poppies belong to the eldest plants on earth. The seeds found in the middle Europe date back to 4600- 3800 B.C.

The oil is pressed (by cold or hard pressing) from the seeds of the plant with the cold process oil being superior in taste, quality and scent. It has a light yellow colour with a decent nutty scent.

Poppy seed oil is an excellent oil in soap making (up to 15%) and imparts hardness to the soap.


Its skin feel is quite remarkable. It has a very light skin feel but does not vanish quite fast into the skin and has a relatively low absorption rate without any unpleasant greasiness.

Here are the 7 most important reasons why you should apply Poppy & cCypress soap in your skin care products, specially products for mature, dry, barrier damaged and sensitive skin:

  1. The light skin feel

Poppy seed oil contains almost 40% LLL (tri-linoleic acid) in the triglycerides spectrum. This is why this oil has such a nice silky skin feel despite the considerable concentration of palmitic acid


  1. The relatively neutral color and decent scent which would not overpower your emulsion, balm or oil blend
  2. High concentrations of palmitic acid and linoleic acid provide the oil with barrier repair properties. Poppy seed oil is an excellent oil for barrier damaged, mature, dry and choppy skin
  3. Slow absorption of the oil (despite the light skin feel) makes the oil a “protective” and “covering” skin care ingredient. It doesn’t immediately disappear
  4. Unsaponifiables, basically phytosterols add to the protective and barrier repair of the oil
  5. High concentrations of linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) impart to anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. This is an excellent choice for barrier damaged and sensitive skin
  6. Although opium, morphine and heroin are derived from poppy seeds (opium is derived from the unripe seeds and heroin is synthetically made from opium) there are no opiates present in the oil and you don’t need to worry about having opiates or alkaloids in your skin care.