BoSidin D1130 Face & Body Permanent Hair Removal Device

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Buy BoSidin D1130 Full Body Permanent IPL Hair Removal for men and women

Innovative Facial Hair Removal Our face is where everyone looks first when they see us. And most of us want the world to see us without any facial hair. Facial hair is a prominent issue. BoSidin technology uses low-flux and short-wavelength to provide greater energy absorption to facial hair follicles, making it ideal for light and thin facial hair. It has integrated purifying, rejuvenation, and whitening, which can help you solve following embarrassment. Makeup will stick to the facial hair, resulting in uneven makeup. The facial hair may absorb sebum and dirt on the epidermis, which results in clogging pores, causing acne and rough skin. Shaving produces the shortest lasting results, and the regrowth can make the hair shaft look thicker and darker, which leads to dark pores and dull skin. Not applicable to male facial beards.

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Benefits and Features BoSidin D1130 full body hair removal device for men and women

  • Integrated UV filter that prevents your skin from damage during the treatments
  • 96% hair reduction in 3 treatments
  • Skin rejuvenation: improves the quality of your skin at every layer,
  • Result in silky-smooth and younger-looking skin.
  • The 350,000 flashes deliver an equivalent of 15 years of full-body treatments

How to use BoSidin D1130 Full Body Permanent IPL Hair Removal for men and women

Step 1: Remove all visible hair in the area you wish to treat; Wipe skin clean and dry completely.

Step 2: Connect the AC adapter to a power socket, Long press the power button 2s to power on.

Step 3: Short press the power button, select the correct intensity level for your skin tone using the provided skin chart. The darker the skin tone, the lower the intensity level.

Step 4: It's necessary to wear goggles during use to protect your eyes.

Step 5: Place the device at a 90° angle on the skin so that the nozzle is in full contact with your skin. Press the flash button to release a flash. Then place the device on the next area to be treated

About BoSidin brand

BoSidin, a technology brand specializing in beauty and body care. It is supported by Stanford university's BioADD medical laboratory, and has received international recognition for professional-grade hair removal and skin beauty devices after more than 798 days of exploration and well-built.

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