Oral B-D 700 Smart 6000N Rechargeable Electric Tooth Brush

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Oral B-D 700 Smart 6000N Rechargeable Electric Tooth Brush

Oral B-D 700 Smart 6000N Rechargeable Electric Tooth Brush


  • Protect Your Gums.
  • Better Brushing Results.
  • Advanced Personalized Clean.
  • Brush Heads Designed With Dentists.


Experience Oral-B Smart 6, from the brand that brought you the first-ever connected rechargeable toothbrush. The sleek handle of the 6000N electric toothbrush improves your brushing habits. It seamlessly connects with the Oral-B app in your phone and guides you with real-time feedback to brush better.


Round cleans better Oral-B's round head contours to each tooth for cleaner teeth and healthier gums versus a standard manual toothbrush.


Whiter teeth as of day one Gently whitens your teeth starting as of day one with polishing cup that holds toothpaste and delivers it where is needed to remove surface stains.


Protect your gums Pressure control reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you are brushing too hard.


Better brushing habits Oral-B Smart 6 6000 connects with the Oral-B App enabling Smart Coaching. The app provides you with real-time feedback to help you improve your routine and track your progress.


Advanced personalized clean Oral-B SMART 6 6000N has five cleaning modes to adapt to your brushing needs, and a multi-color Smart Ring to adapt to your style.


Two-plus weeks of brushing with one charge The Oral-B Smart 6 6000N has a state of the art Lithium-Ion battery to last more than two weeks. This way you don't need to worry about getting your charger during your holidays.


Brush heads designed with dentists Oral-B Refills are designed to perfectly fit your toothbrush and come with specialized features for amazing results like end rounding to be gentle on gums, angled bristles to clean in-between teeth, and UltraThin bristles for extra gentle cleaning.