Always Clean & Dry Maxi Thick, Night sanitary pads, 24 pads

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Always Clean & Dry Maxi Thick, Night sanitary pads, 24 pads

Buy Always Clean & Dry Maxi Thick, Night sanitary pads, 24 pads

Experience up to 100% dryness & comfort with Always Clean & Dry Maxi Thick Night sanitary pads. With a Dry Top sheet that keeps wetness away from your skin for all night protection, and absorbs Flexi pillows which move with you and keep friction away from your skin, you stay fresh and clean all throughout the night. Always Clean & Dry Maxi Thick Night pads also have an extra-absorbent core that instantly absorbs liquid and locks it inside for Always’ comfortable protection.

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Always Clean & Dry Maxi Thick, Night sanitary pads, 24 pads Features

  • Up to 100% dryness & comfort even when you move
  • Longer for all night protection vs Always Clean & Dry Large size
  • Dry Top sheet keeping wetness away from the skin
  • Anti-leakage barriers in the front, back, and center

About Always brand

Always brand owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G), which has been innovating and improving the quality of women's health since 1984.

Always introduced Winged sanitary pads in 1985 and Ultra-Thin sanitary pads in 1990. This brand made menstruation easier and more enjoyable for women. According to the experiences of gynecologists and dermatologists in the past 20 years, Always products do not cause the growth of germs and are very gentle and hypoallergenic on contact with the skin and mucous membranes.

Always sold under the name Whisper in Japan, Singapore, India, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and on some production lines in Italy, Orchid in Turkey Evax in Spain, and Ausonia in Portugal. While the name "Always" applies to products sold in the United States, Africa, and some European countries and is characterized by its multiple sizes, thickness, and types.

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