Makeup Remover

After a long and tiring day, sometimes you just feel like crawling into bed without bothering to take your makeup off. It's important to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin so that it can breathe and restore itself while you sleep; failing to do so can result in acne flare-ups, lines and dullness, and premature aging. So it's pretty important to invest in a good makeup remover.

Using a makeup remover that doesn't agree with your skin type might seem counterintuitive since the purpose of removing makeup is to prevent breakouts and irritation. Select one that isn't too harsh or stripping and can remove makeup without exacerbating preexisting conditions or causing new ones.

Micellar water, cleansers, makeup remover balm, and makeup wipes are all types of makeup removers. It depends not only on your skin type but also on when and where you plan to remove your makeup. If you wash your face at home before bed, a traditional cleanser should be fine. Traveling? You might prefer makeup remover wipes.

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