Philips Dispenser Model ADD4968BK/56

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Philips Dispenser Model ADD4968BK/56

Product Description:

Bottle water redefined

With micro P-Clean filtration system, this bottled water dispenser effectively removes microplastics to ensure the cleanness of water. It also comes with UV light disinfection technology, killing up to 99.9% bacteria in the cold water tank.

Bottle water redefined

With Micro P-Clean filtration and UV

  • Bottom loading
  • one nozzle
  • UV
  • Micro P-Clean filtration

Micro P-Clean filtration effectively removes microplastics*

Cleaner water assured with effective microplastics removed*, thanks to the Micro P-Clean filtration system which comes with a fine filtration precision of 1 micro.

Long-life filter with a capacity of 4000L***

The MicroClean filter has a filtration capacity of 4000L, which lasts for about 1 year***.

UV-LED kills 99.9% bacteria in the cold water tank**

Since there's no chlorine, bacteria tend to grow in the water that sits inside the bottle or the cold water tank. Therefore we have the advanced UV-LED light technology installed in the cold water tank which kills up to 99.9% becteria**. The UV-LED light activates for 1 hour once the dispenser is connected with power, and works for 1 hour for every 2 hours to make sure the water stay clean.