Goldwell Brand

Houston is one of Goldwell’s top markets for professional hair color and products.  Founded in Germany in 1948, Goldwell has been responsible for many of the beauty industry’s most creative products.  In 1971 Goldwell entered the hair color market with Top Chic and its success propelled their expansion into North America.  Today, they are owned by Kao’s salon division and lead the beauty industry with their professional grade hair color and consumer styling products.  Goldwell is also widely regarded as one of the top educators in the beauty industry.   In addition to amazing regional training, they also founded Color Zoom, an annual competition for stylists from around the world.Today Goldwell manufactures its renowned color line in three distinct categories.  These groups include permanent and semi permanent color as well as lighteners. Goldwell’s permanent color lines includes the Nectaya and Elumen brands as well as its iconic Topchic color. The semi permanent line includes Colorance, Men Reshade and Soft Color. Lastly, the lightener color category consists of Silklift, Oxycur Platin and New Blonde.