Be Keen On Hair

Be Keen On Hair Brand

The example of overcoming the adversity of HACO GmbH and Co.KG and thus the KEEN brand began more than 75 years ago. 

In 1940, expert stylist Robert Schmidt - the incredible grandfather of the current CEO, Angert Old - developed a hair tonic that was made using spice-covered spices, concentrates, and Thuringian leaves. After two years, "Waldfrauenkraut Robert Schmidt GmbH" was finally registered in the list of organizations. Today, managers are the fourth term of the Ewald family. 

The KEEN brand was born in 2008 and since then has been offering selected and first-class "German-made" hair restoration items at a reasonable price. Our amazingly exciting product has been created by a team of amazing German energy experts. Major improvements allow us to achieve great results.

 Happiness promotes your ideas and aspirations to always strengthen the brand. Results We do not make any money due to significant incentives for cash. We are sure we can do it as it is made in Germany. Our items are only made and produced in Germany.