Sparkling Gold

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Product Reviews

Sparkling Gold

Luxury Glow – dust giving the effect of nails being illuminated with a million sparkling particles.A spectacular, fairytale effect.

Use Luxury Glow and charm every nail styling! Create a spectacular effect of glowing nails! A new dimension of elegant and at the same time extravagant style can already be on your nails.

Nail Dust Luxury Glow is multifunctional:

  • used dry (after removing the dispersion layer) – gives a “metallic” effect
  • used for “wet” (on the dispersion layer) – gives the effect of “mermaid”
  • gives unlimited possibilities of decorations and unique stylizations
  • possibilities of application on: colored gels, hybrid polish, top hybrid
  • extremely durable and easy to apply
  • Nail dust can be applicated with the preferred type of applicator: brush for decoration, applicator or sponge.
  • the final effect depends on the color of the hybrid polish you used

Application of Luxury Glow – it’s easy!


  1. Make a standard hybrid manicure : Hybrid Base -> 2x Hybrid Color -> Hybrid Top.
  2. After curing the styling, remove the dispersion layer with Finish Cleaner
  3. Apply on thoroughly dried nail and rub the dust with a brush or applicator
  4. Remove remaining dust with a brush with soft bristles,
  5. Apply again the Topu layer and cure it in the lamp.
  6. Remove the dispersion layer.


  1. Make a standard hybrid manicure: Hybrid Base -> 2x Hybrid Color -> Hybrid Top.
  2. Apply and rub the nail dust with a brush or applicator onto the sticky Toping dispersion layer
  3. Remove remaining dust with a brush with soft bristles.
  4. Apply again the Top layer and strain in the lamp.
  5. Remove the dispersion layer.