Cosmo Glow 400-402

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Cosmo Glow 400-402

Together with the new ultra-optimizing particles from the COSMO GLOW line, we discover another space …. Inspired by the clouds of gas and interstellar dust, we created 3 new “nail dusts”,

which transfer stylizations to a whole new dimension! Let yourself be carried away into the inside of the nebula of crab, jellyfish, or snail.

Choose one of 3 unique products and create a new galaxy on Your nails!

Create original and surprising stylizations full of futurism and mysticism.

Discover new opportunities and unique effects!

  • The effect is best seen on black and white hybrids
  • Apply on the dispersion layer
  • Push particles into the nail to perfectly adjust them to nail tile
  • Secure stylization with Top Coat, use a transparent top
  • If necessary, for a more smooth surface, apply a second layer of top