Disicide Disinfecting Spray, Blue, 300 ml

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Disicide Disinfecting Spray, Blue, 300 ml

Water based, alcohol-free ready-to-use disinfectant spray for smooth work surfaces, equipment, accessories for gentle disinfection of surfaces, equipment, accessories especially for Barber, Spa, Tattoo, Pet Grooming, Hair & Beauty Salons, Nail-bars, Hotels and Fitness centres. Proven effective against bacteria and virus in accordance to EU regulations EN 14561 and EN 14562. Disinfectant, fungicide and virucide. The concentrate effectively destroys a wide range of microorganisms and is bactericidal (incl. Staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonads, Enterococcus hire, mycobacterium tuberculosis, E. coli, etc.), fungicidal (incl. Candida, Trichophyte, etc.), an anti-bactericidal property.

  • Water Based Alcohol Free Disinfectant
  • Biocidal product that is safe for the user
  • Proven effective against bacteria and virus
  • Made in Sweden